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Type approval of measuring instruments is a confirmation procedure that is mandatory for Belarusian manufacturers of instruments used for measurements in the field falling under the concept of legal metrology, and for importers of such measuring instruments.


Based on the results of the procedure for approval of the type of measuring instrument, a certificate of approval of the type of measuring instrument (metrological certificate) is issued.


The main purpose of the procedure is to ensure the uniformity of measurements in the Republic of Belarus and the release into circulation of measuring instruments that meet the requirements of the technical documentation of the manufacturer.

In service

  • research of products for attribution to measuring instruments, test equipment, auxiliary equipment with the issuance of an appropriate conclusion from an accredited organization;

  • support for the adding of laboratory and medical products into the register of measuring instruments;

  • support of metrological certification (entry of one-time product samples into the register of measuring instruments);

  • accompaniment of certification of test equipment;

  • accompaniment of verification of measuring instruments;

  • maintenance of calibration of test equipment.

AVAKO team is ready to help you through all stages of the process of obtaining a metrological certificate for your products.

Our experts will provide you with qualified assistance in accordance with applicable law and as soon as possible.

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