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Food supplements - natural, identical to natural food and (or) biologically active substances, as well as probiotic microorganisms intended for direct human consumption or adding to the ration of human in order to enrich their diet and are not considered as the food source.

Supplements contain bioactive substances of natural origin (or identical to natural ones) and are used to enrich the human diet, but they are not considered as a medicine. Supplements only make up for the lack of nutrients in food, make it more nutritious and more varied and, thus, can help improve well-being and health in general.

of registration

According to the basic requirements for dietary supplements set out in TR CU 021/2011 "On food safety” dated 09.12.2011 No. 880, this type of product is classified as specialized and can be produced, imported and sold on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union only after confirming its safety for the population. The confirmation is the procedure of compulsory state registration.


To obtain a certificate of state registration, it is necessary to assess the compliance of dietary supplements with uniform sanitary safety requirements according to the following criteria:


  • microbiological indicators;

  • content of toxic elements;

  • the presence of pesticides (for dietary supplements, which use raw materials of plant origin);

  • permissible levels of radionuclides.

Scope of provided services

  • evaluation of the timing of state registration;

  • collection and preparation of the registration dossier (package of documents);

  • translation of the registration dossier (package of documents) into Russian according with the requirements of the legislation;

  • support of the testing process;

  • obtaining a duly executed Registration Certificate.

Thanks to the wide and successful experience in the regulatory field, AVAKO team will help you to register dietary supplements with high quality and in the shortest possible time. We will provide you with the necessary information about the registration procedure and deadlines, collect the documents for the registration dossier, assist in the passage of relevant product studies and provide all necessary support until the registration procedure is completed.

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