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State registration of disinfectants is a mandatory procedure for assessing the effectiveness and safety during use, as well as compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents, carried out on the basis of expert opinions and test reports.

Disinfectants - chemical and biological agents intended for disinfection (disinfectants), pre-sterilization cleaning, sterilization (sterilization agents), disinsection (disinsection agents), deratization (deratization agents), as well as repellent agents and pediculicides.


State registration confirms the quality and safety of disinfectants by passing laboratory tests for sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic indicators.

The state registration procedure is mandatory for entering the market with a product that is subject to the relevant requirements.

Scope of provided services

  • collection and preparation of the registration dossier;

  • support during laboratory research and tests for compliance with the Unified Sanitary-Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Goods;

  • preparation of an application and a set of documents for submission to the authorized body;

  • obtaining a certificate of state registration of a disinfectant, and entering into the Register of certificates of state registration.

AVAKO is ready to help you through all stages of the process of obtaining the necessary permits for your products.

Our experts will provide you with qualified assistance in compliance with applicable law and in shortest possible terms.

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