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Certification and declaration of products are forms of mandatory approval of the conformity of products put into circulation with established standards and safety requirements.

The conformity approval procedure must be passed by manufacturers or importers prior to the release of products into circulation.


Currently in the Republic of Belarus there is no single legal act that would determine the list of objects subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity. The regulatory framework for regulating the issues of confirmation of conformity is both national legislation and international legal acts adopted within the framework of the Customs Union and the EAEU.

Types of products

The main types of products subject to certification or declaration include:

  • Low voltage equipment;

  • Package;

  • Perfumes and cosmetics;

  • Light industry products;

  • Personal protective equipment;

  • Electromagnetic compatibility  and etc.

In the field of medicine, goods subject to confirmation of conformity include:

  • medical instruments and equipment;

  • prosthetic and orthopedic products;

  • diagnostic devices;

  • control and measuring products (devices);

  • surgical, dental materials and implants, etc.

Scope of provided 

  • determination of the applicable form of attestation of conformity;

  • preparation of a draft application for the procedure;

  • collection and preparation of the required set of documents for an accredited certification body;

  • organization of sampling and testing in an accredited laboratory;

  • support of the testing process with the receipt of protocols;

  • obtaining relevant certificates, declarations.

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